Nude with Calla Lilies by Diego Rivera

Nude with Calla Lilies was painted in 1944 and it's one of the few works he did that year. Also known as Desnudo con alcatraces, it lacks the searing social and political commentary so frequently found in Rivera paintings. This painting was originally done in oil on hardboard at 61.8 x 48.8 in / 157 x 124 cm,

The painting was done just after his two great murals for the National Institute of Cardiology and before the enormous mural Great City of Tenochtitlan.

Rivera, not surprisingly, is better with more humble subjects and frequently he celebrated the relationship of peasants and nature. The calla lily, a sensual, sculptural flower - and quintessential example of Mexico's exuberant flora - was celebrated by Rivera many times, particularly in frescoes depicted peasants with indigenous features carrying bundles or offerings of them.